Amazingly,  Hot.  But a different kind of hot .  Yuzu Kosho is a citrusy, herby, spicy Japanese condiment.  It’s a perfect for adding a spice and flavor to chicken, meat, fish, vegetables even grilled shrimp.  If you’re an adventurous foodie then you probably  already know of this amazing spicy paste.  But if you haven’t  its time you met Yuzo Kosho.

What’s Yuzu Kosho?
Yuzu kosho is a blend of the rind of yuzu & other citrus fruits(yuzo citrus fruit with hints of grapefruit, lemon and lime), serrano chili peppers mashed together with sea salt: three powerful flavors combined in an exciting relish. A simple combination, but the flavor is so savory-pungent that you might be tempted to slather instead of dollop! Use a little, the stuff packs some intense heat and salt. Using a light hand (or not!) Yuzu Koshu will bring some hot-tangy-sour shine to your plate.

Suggestions for Use!
Originally a specialty of the Kyushu area - where it's often paired with yakitori, a dish of skewered meat cooked over charcoal - yuzu kosho's popularity spread throughout Japan and is now making its way into the international culinary scene. Its versatility and persuasive flavors work well with so many dishes. Stir it into a bowl of udon noodles and top with some cooling shiso, a Japanese herb in the mint and basil family; toss it with sautéed eggplant, onions and tomatoes mellowed with purple basil; use it in place or alongside your ginger and wasabi (preferably fresh wasabi! with sushi. For an international take, try combining it with oil and marinating some flank steak for an out-of-sight fajita filling; add it to a garlicky aioli for a twist; stir it in to a dried-fruit-and-nut-spiked pilau.

Yuzu Kosho

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    serrano chili, citrus rinds & salt


    all natural and organic ingredients.  No added perservatives